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Sunday, Feb. 1, 2004

Emotionally Speaking

By The Grok
February 1st, 2004

When you are trying to appeal to your visitors’ emotions, ditch the flowery copy.

People often ask me what I mean when I say it’s important to appeal to the emotional needs of the folks who come to your Web site. Like, is it really about writing extravagantly, in a fashion that suggests the emotions of the copy’s author are stirred up and yours are about to be next? Should we be in search of flamboyant prose?

It’s then I realize people don’t really have a handle on what it means to appeal to emotion. I mean, if you’re looking to acquire an excavator, how meaningful or appropriate is effusive, flowery language? Think it will stir you up or send you running?

And yet, however much they may rationalize the result, every single person who sets out to acquire an excavator will base his or her decision on emotions.

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