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Monday, Mar. 15, 2004

Bad Copy: An Example in the Negative

By The Grok
March 15th, 2004

How not to write for your Web site.

We’ve talked often enough about the importance of communicating your value proposition, not only on your home page, but on all your landing pages. You want to give folks an up-front, concise idea why they absolutely need to be doing business with you.

And we’ve talked about the importance of the message being meat, whether you are penning the words to that value proposition or any other piece of copy on your site.

Sometimes it helps to look at an example in the negative and evaluate it by identifying what you should not do! Just like those fashion DOs and DON’Ts columns. Most people who read that stuff tell me they get a healthy idea of what they should do based on an explicit presentation of what they should not do.

Read on for the full flavor of this great big DON’T. The copy is word for word … only the name of the company has been changed to protect its questionable innocence.

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