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FutureNow Article
Thursday, Apr. 1, 2004

Landing Pages: Catch Me, If You Can

April 1st, 2004

Understanding the role of a landing page helps you create a stronger conversion process

Folks have made a habit of emphasizing the home page of your Web site as the Sacred Portal through which your visitors enter the cyber-structure of your business. As if all other avenues of entry were blocked, and the process could only start at Square One.

Yeah, right. Everyone knows the process can start at any square that is readable by the search engines. And you can directly…

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FutureNow Article
Thursday, Apr. 1, 2004

Let the Purpose Guide You

April 1st, 2004

What you are trying to accomplish should always shape how you go about accomplishing it The other day, a guy comes up to me in the grocery store. “Hey, you’re that Martian what’s-it from GrokDotCom, aren’t you?”I plaster on my how-nice smile as I poke through the tomatoes. “That’s me, alright.”

He settles into a soap-box stance. “You know, I read that book on copywriting … you know, the one with the picture of you on the cover? It was pretty…

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