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When you are in the persuasion business, going under in the sea of a client’s high expectations can be a serious occupational hazard.

When businesses line up to ask us for help, we see thier eyes google with dreams of triple fold increases in conversion, the corners of their lips drool with possibilities of increased sales. But if doin’ this stuff was easy, everybody would be doin’ it right?

Can I help you increase conversion? YES It’s highly likely.

Can I help you be more persuasive in your online sales efforts? Absolutely!

But no honest persuasion expert can do the clients job for them.

At Future Now we have no shortage of companies looking to hire us, in fact becoming a client of ours means that you have to persuade us that you won’t be asking us to do your job(That among numerous other things). Our most impressive success stories [1]come from clients that work harder , smarter and take greater responsibility for their own results. Does that sound like your business?

Conversion and sales both online and off are the result of a number of factors, marketing and the conversion process are only a two of them. The only two I can really affect, that of course is assuming you are doing your job too.

So what’s the clients job you ask? Simple…ensure your customer’s experience is all they want it to be and then give them more. (I said simple, not easy)

When Visitors Achieve Their Goals, Conversions Increase
BY Bryan Eisenberg | June 18, 2004

Anything resulting in a lower level of customer satisfaction or a lost customer is a defect — a flaw in your Web site, sales process, product/service, or fulfillment.

When a visitor doesn’t convert, your site has a service defect. Your processes don’t deliver on promises to customers or prospects. Conversion rate reflects the effectiveness of your ability to persuade visitors to take action, and customer satisfaction. The only way to achieve your goals is if your visitors first achieve theirs.

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