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Monday, Jun. 21, 2004 at 12:02 pm

A Wonderful Mess

By Persuasion Architects
June 21st, 2004

Well, well. Aren’t we Internet worker bees causing quite a stir…again!

From BusinessWorld Online…

E-Biz Strikes Again!
The Internet has rewritten the rules for books, music, and travel. Which industries are next? Here are six

As the Internet boom turned into bust, corporate America could be forgiven for allowing itself a small sigh of relief. When all was giddy, and the stock market giddiest of all, big companies feared the disruptive power of the Net. Look what happened to Barnes & Noble (BKS ), they fretted, as (AMZN ) changed the game of bookselling. Or how Expedia Inc. (IACI ) overran travel agents. No one wanted to be the next to get “Amazoned.” Read more.

But we shouldn’t let our dot com heads get too big, we didn’t really rewrite the rules of entire industries, we were just able to follow them more specifically.

The Internet just gives saavy customer centric companies a way to follow the rules much better. We are better equipped to do a superior job giving our customer exactly what she wants, when she wants it,and how she wants it. She responds in kind by tossing more and more of her cash our way.

And giving the customer what she wants, when she wants and how she wants it has been the only relevant business rule since the first cave-dude traded some firemaking flint for a slab of mammoth rump roast.

Dot Coms forgot that rule during bust numero uno, and if I can do anything about it I wanna make sure we don’t do that again.

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Comments (3)

  1. Intelligent post. Intelligent notes. Intelligent man…understanding that giving your customer exactly what SHE wants, when SHE wants it, and how SHE wants it is the true path to success. Jane approves. She will pass this good information along to Dick. :-)

  2. lol wtf?

  3. I agree, its definitely costumer’s satisfaction when it comes to business. Well, its really a golden rule. Nice post!

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