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Posted By Persuasion Architects On June 24, 2004 @ 1:45 am In Conversion Rates | 3 Comments

Which best describes your company?

1) We monitor our site’s metrics and KPIs [1](Key Performance Indicators)
2) We don’t.

If you don’t watch your sites metrics you probably fall into one of these groups

1) You think web analytics are too complicated and wouldn’t know what to do with them
2) You can’t afford web analytics
3) You don’t know which tool is best
4) You know everything and therefore don’t need this information

According to an article in Internet Retailer 24% of of retailers do not even know their own conversion rates, if that sounds like a big number to you keep in mind that last year that number was 66%.

Marketers becoming more sophisticated about web metrics, survey suggests
The importance of conversion metrics measurement is sinking in with more retailers, according to a recent survey by analytics provider WebTrends and eMarketer. At the Ad: Tech San Francisco conference last moth, a survey of 342 marketers attending revealed that only 24% didn’t know their online conversion rates. Read more [2].

Here is a little help for those 24% of you.

Group #1

Tools like WebTrends and HitBox provide easy to understand charts, graphs, and even training classes, making web analytics much more approachable. No more need to be intimidated by complicated logs and numbers. We can even help you sort through [3] your analytics.

Group #2

How can you afford not to? We understand budget limitations and cash flow problems but the longer you go without knowing what is happening on your site the more likely you are going to need one of these [4].

Group #3

Get a little help sorting out your Web Analytics Options [5].

Group #4

Buy yourself a great gift [6], you deserve it.

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