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Friday, Jun. 25, 2004 at 1:41 am

World World Please Make Sense!

By Persuasion Architects
June 25th, 2004

dogsactuallyplayingpokerI have to admit this week has been a little disorienting for me.

First, they introduce a “C2″ version of a spud! Does that mean I can someday eat healthy french fries? I’m confused :-(

Second, I am thrown another loop when I read our nation’s leaders use really bad words. Who knew?!

Third, I find out that Dogs do actually play poker.

Finally…Gerry McGovern calls me a SALESMEN. I’ve been called alot of things…but a SALESMEN?????

The world just makes no sense anymore. Please mommy make it stop.

If you’re on the Web, you’re in sales

By Gerry McGovern

Everybody on the Web is in the business of sales. It doesn’t matter whether you’re managing an intranet, a government or university website. You’re still selling something; still trying to get someone to do something. What do you want people to do? How are you going to convince them to do it? Read more.

I guess I can take some solace in one constant, that all of us at Future Now are really really good at this ‘sales’ stuff.

Have a good weekend, take up a new hobby, I hear surfing is getting interesting these days.

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  1. We’re all in sales — no matter what we do. We sell the latest movie to friends, the best restaurant, the newest make of car…it’s in our nature to influence others to make purchases. Now, if we could only get out of our own way and remember, in true sales, it isn’t about US, it’s about the client. And how much the client WANTS the product, not how much he or she NEEDS it. If we all pay attention to the coming political battle, we’ll see who has the best salesmenship. If Kerry doesn’t get his wife out from behind his left shoulder, he’s a goner, for sure.

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