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Wednesday, Jun. 30, 2004 at 7:59 pm

Apple, Conversions, and Usability Part 2

By Persuasion Architects
June 30th, 2004

When you ask people about what makes something good, like the iTunes music store, they usually spew out simplistic and obvious answers. “It’s just cooler”, “They have the songs I like,” “It’s easier to find stuff.” But ask the same folks what makes it cooler, or easier to use, and rarely will you extract a cohesive answer. This is likely because we all have a lifetime of practice being critical comparing one thing to another, and very little practice questioning ‘the good’. ‘Good’ and “Right” are qualities we unreasonably expect without thought of consequence. Rare are the occasions where ‘good’ and ‘right’ are questioned about their motives or processes.

The iTunes music store is one of those ‘good’ things that seem elusive to our understanding. Even their most blood thirsty competitors are having a hard time putting a finger on it and duplicating it. Yes …the iTunes music store is GOOD. But why?

I could easily write a small booklet about the things going right in the iTunes store, but I only want to focus on two. One simple, and one not so simple.

First the simple….

Two words can make a big difference.

Next to each and every song is the price and an easy to read button that says “Buy Song”

Apple fought vigorously for your right to do exactly that…buy songs! They arranged it so whenever I click “Buy Song”, guess what happens? It downloads and ….boom!! Instant Gratification! No hassle, no required burning! My freshly bought song just sits there smiling at me waiting to be listened to. I can do whatever I want with it. It’s mine ….all mine.

Apple gets to do something none of it’s competitors can, they get to ask for the sale in clear easy to understand manner. And everyone knows that in sales, just asking for the sale closes a lot of ‘em.

Sounds almost too easy huh?

When I’m shooping for song I want to buy songs. I don’t want to ‘burn’ them, nor do I want to add them to playlists or radio stations…I want to OWN them with no hassle. I’m selfish that way, looks like millions of others are too.

It’s simple, when you ask a customer to do exactly what she wants to do, guess what she’ll do? I’ll give you a hint…two words…

Your website probably didn’t have to go though all kinds of hoopla and licensing arrangements with greedy record companies to have the ability to sell what you sell right? Maybe you could increase conversion by simply asking for the sale more often.

Are you asking for the sale in the right places with the product and prices prominently displayed, kinda like this site?

We’ll talk more about the second more complicated GOOD thing tomorrow.

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