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Thursday, Jul. 1, 2004

In Search of a Bat

By The Grok
July 1st, 2004

Join me as we play the cyber-field in search of a baseball bat

You sell baseball bats. I need one for a 14-year-old entering high school. I believe the right tool can help make or break the experience, so I want to give my friend something that will be an asset. Trouble is, I don’t know the first thing about bats. And they aren’t exactly cheap!

So I’m sitting in front of a screenful of Google search results. I’m eager and ready to buy. I’m not stupid, I just need some help. I need to know the bat’s specifications and why a purveyor thinks one bat would work better than another for my situation. Features and benefits. Do that for me and you get the sale. How hard could it be?

Those pay-per-click search results immediately catch my eye, and they seem perfectly targeted to my query. I’m happy not to have to wade through the more elaborate results for this mission. And most of these are names I’ve heard of. Let’s pick ……

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