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Conversion Rate Apathy

Posted By Persuasion Architects On July 5, 2004 @ 5:42 pm In Online Persuasion | 1 Comment

When talking conversion rates do you ever hear this type of mumbling and grumbling?

“Conversion rates my *&%?^ [1] !!”

“Oh happy day, our conversion rate went from 1.57% to 2.12%! Big deal! How can anyone get excited about 2.12% unless it’s your income tax rate?”

“4.2% conversion huh? What about the other 95.8%?”

Believe it or not, there are some people that just plain don’t give a bo-diddly about conversion rates.

Are those *gasps* I hear? Now before you start dissin‘…..think about this.

Most of these conversion rate ‘hatas’ aren’t dumb [2], or even lazy [3], they just aren’t motivated and excited about teensy numbers.

Try thinking about it this way…

Would you rather have a 100% increase in conversion or see your conversion rate climb a mere 2 percentage points?

Neither is more desireable. Here is why…

If my site’s conversion rate is 2% and I increase it to 4%, I have effectively doubled, or increased my business and my conversion rate 100% right? So I wonder why so many of us billboard around the teeny weeny numbers when talking about conversion?

At face value a conversion rate [4] percentage is a smaller number, and on the surface appears unimpressive, but consider what it represents and it’s effect on topline sales.

“Yes I would like to order a 4% conversion rate, that comes with a 100% increase in sales right?”

“Well yes, IF your conversion rate is 2% today?”

“Why yes it is”

Tip: The next time you are around someone that is eyeball rollin about conversion rates, don’t waste time blurtin gout “our conversion rate went from 1% to 1.1%, just tell them in a way they might actually get excited about…like this… ‘this month we saw a 10% increase in conversion”.

Which of the following is true…

A) 800 million people watched the Superbowl in 2004.
B) Only 26% of the world’s 6 billion people watched the Superbowl. That means that 74% didn’t.

Hint: Both A and B are true.

So is the Superbowl audience too small and depressing for ya, or are you looking at conversion rates in the smallish way?

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