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Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2004 at 5:18 pm

Short Copy Vs. Long Copy SMACKDOWN!

By Persuasion Architects
July 13th, 2004

smackdown***tap-tap-tap microphone feedback***

Ring Announcer: Laaaadeeeeess aand Gentuuuullllmen, welcome to this week’s persuasive copy Smaaaackdoooown!

***Crowd roars!!!!!***

Ring Announcer: Let’s meet today’s fighters…in the blue corner, he’s a lean mean fighting machine, weighing in at under 150 words, it’s SHOOOOOOOOORTTTT COPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

***Cheers & Jeers***

In the red corner, he’s the giant master of disaster, weighing in at over 200 words, it’s


Booth Announcer #1: Whoa! The people do not seem to like Long Copy, Short Copy is clearly the crowd favorite…

Booth Announcer #2: Well, we live in a busy world, who has time for Long Copy

Booth Announcer #1: Good Point, let’s take it back to the ring, the fight is about to get underway

Referee: OK Boys, watch your grammar and punctuation. Misspellings will not be allowed. Shake keyboards, go to your corners and wait for the bell.


Booth Announcer #1: Short Copy goes for the quick knockdown, but Long Copy is too big to be taken down. Short Copy is landing jab after jab after jab

****smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! ****

Booth Announcer #2: Ouch! That’s gotta hurt


Booth Announcer #1: Long Copy has had enough of little henpecks from Short Copy and is climbing the ropes, hoping to smother Short Copy once and for all….


Booth Announcer #1: He misses!!! Short Copy is just too fast, was able to just side step the slower albeit more powerful Long Copy
Booth Announcer #2: Wait a minute! Who is that entering the ring?

***Crowd Erupts in CHEERS***

Booth Announcer #1: I can’t believe it, it’s Relevant Copy!!!!

Booth Announcer #2: It’s not even a fair fight, he’s kickin’ both of their a%^%#

Booth Announcer #1: The Crowd is going NUTS, they can’t get enough of Relevant Copy!!!

Booth Announcer #2: Well..He IS the CHAMP!

Senior Persuasion Architect: Trying to judge the persuasiveness of copy by it’s length is like trying to tell how fast a car is by looking at the color of its paint. We’ve seen some very persuasive short copy, as well as some awfully persuasive and interesting loooooong copy.

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  1. haha thats the strangest blog post I seen in a long while!

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