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Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2004 at 3:22 pm

Branding Online

By Persuasion Architects
July 21st, 2004

Unaided recall has long been a measure marketers use to gauge the strength of a particular brand. Unaided recall demonstrates that someone remembers your brand, the hope being that when the need for your service or product arises the customer recalls YOU. (Please keep in mind, brand recall is not branding. )

In a world of a million brands and thousands of unsolicited messages posturing for our attention on a daily basis, getting noticed, and then getting your brand implanted into memory is quite an accomplishment.

Being remembered is simply the result of a simple formula that cognitive neuroscience has been aware of for quite sometime.

Salience X Repetition = MEMORY

In old school branding, when salience was lacking, marketers would compensate and buy repetition in mass media. But now mass media is being fragmented at an alarming degree and advertisers are sweating to find efficient offline means to buy frequency (repetition) and reach (number of people exposed to a message). It simply costs too much to reach too few people as often as needed. But repetition isn’t the only contributing factor.

Salience X Repetition = MEMORY

In other words, the more we care about something, the more likely we are to remember it.

Great marketers know this instinctively and build salience into their campaigns. But great instinct, does not change the currently brutal offline advertising and marketing landscape mentioned above.

The other option available to marketers is to just sidestep the need for memory altogether. Direct response marketing singularly focuses on selling customers in the market TODAY. The pitfall with that approach is that every day that you wake up you are pushing to persuade an entirely different set of customers to buy. Doesn’t sound like much fun does it?

So how does one go about maintaining and building a brand and brand equity into the future?

Kevin Lee writes the following in his most recent ClickZ article…

Brand marketers have long considered the idea of brand lift through search engine marketing (SEM) no more credible than the idea of a real Santa Claus — a nice concept, but fabricated to change behavior with no evidence to back it up.

This week, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Search Engine Effectiveness Committee published a study on the brand lift of textual paid search results. The results will knock your Christmas stockings off. Search can cause brand lift to soar! Read More.

If you are looking for brand lift don’t discount the potential of an online branding strategy. While the entire world has been treating the internet exclusively as a direct response vehicle (and it is a darn good one) Future Now has been successfully deploying these types of online branding strategies with our clients for quite some time.

Salience X Repetition = MEMORY

Each time a customer enters their search terms, or clicks a hyperlink on your site they reveal what is most salient to them, making the internet a natural and efficient means to build ‘unaided recall’ for your brand.

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