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Monday, Aug. 16, 2004 at 11:26 am

The Conversion Rate Daydream of a Persuasion Architect

By Persuasion Architects
August 16th, 2004

Persuasion Architects daydream like everybody else.

We dream of untold riches, world peace, distant rich uncles leaving a sizeable inheritance, island paradise vacations, fancy cars, winning the lottery, you know…the typical stuff. But this weekend I had a daydream only a Persuasion Architect could have.

It must have started Friday when I read three stories posted on Internet Retailer, each story projecting tremendous growth for ecommerce. One story told how Forrester research projects that by 2010 13% of all general merchandise spending will be spent online, then I read another about micropayments tripling in 6 years, the final story told about how digital music sales will explode over the next years to an impressive $1.7 billion annually.

On Sunday I skim a few other stories about email marketing and the projected flooding of the average Joe’s inbox, I read another about how search engine marketing is running out of ad space.

I think to myself...”At the same time that online market potential is growing at an exponential rate, the ability to efficiently market to customers is shinking. Advertising will always be with us, it is just going to get more expensive and easier for customers to ignore.”

“Hmmmmm” I think… “The ongoing fragmentation of mass media is a festering and expanding problem offline, and the cost of online advertising through search engines and other means is climbing because of demand and limitations. Profitable email campaigns look to be in trouble too. What is the average business to do?”

My obvious conclusion was that converting the traffic you already have into customers, not buying traffic through marketing , is the most efficient means to grow business online and off. Website conversion rates, not marketing, will be a key business battleground in the next few years, and universally unavoidable for businesses online in 5-7 years. I know, I know I’m choir preachin’ right?

Next I recall our most recent Future Now Staff meeting, and remember Jenn Weeks recount of her time speaking with several ebusiness folk at the recent SES. She shared her frustration about how too many of those she talked to were only paying lip service to Conversion Rates.

Then I got lost in my daydream.

“What if…” I dreamed to myself “…what if all these bozos who aren’t serious about conversion rates stay that way? What if they miss the obvious writing on the wall and continue business as usual for the next 5-7 years? Wouldn’t that be just wonderful!!????? That way when the not-so-serious-about-conversion-rate people’s competitors contact us for help with conversion rates it will be that much easier for us kick the not-so-serious-people’s tail ends. Now wouldn’t that be great?”

***sinister laugh goes here***

Sure I may be a daydreamer , but if you think you can continue on ignoring conversion rate, thinking the answer to more business is to buy more business then I have a question for you… Are you just daydreaming or are you asleep at the wheel?

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  1. Very nice site. Will sure visit again.

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