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Dull Web Page Copy – To Know it is to Avoid it – Part 1

Posted By Persuasion Architects On August 17, 2004 @ 1:11 pm In Online Persuasion | 3 Comments

Let’s face it, the internet is rampant with dull copy, copy so dull it can make even the most exciting product [1] seem excruciatingly boring. Dull copy can take special moments in life [2] and reduce you to tears of boredom, dull copy you can even take all the fun out of pretending to be Harry Potter [3].

So how does one avoid writing dull copy? One technique is to closely study the elements of dull copy and avoid them like bad breath. To accomplish this what better way than to study the dull copy at the World’s Dullest Blog [4].

Dull Element #1 – Boring Irrelevant Content.

With post titles like Looking At A Wall [5], Turning Off A Light [6], Taking an Item Out of Drawer [7], the Dullest Blog somehow selects the most mundane boring topics and spotlights them. It’s funny here, but when you do the same thing with your product by taking the irrelevant and expected features and hi-light them as something special you are successfully boring and repelling your visitors .

Dull Element #2 – Lack of specifics

Generalities are great for bigots and bad copy writers, but when writing persuasive copy for the web you should offer your visitor specifics.

On January 21st, we read from the Dullest Blog…

Taking an item out of a drawer
I opened a drawer by pulling it towards me. I picked up the object I needed and removed it from the drawer. Having done so I pushed the drawer with my hand, thus closing it.

Once again it’s funny here, but one of the most relevant specifics is left out of this copy…What was removed from the drawer? Your visitors have relevant questions about the specifics of your products, are those included in your copy? Or are you just spouting the ‘unique’ features [8] of your product. Remember my recent frustration with Ediets.com [9] and their lack of presenting me a very important specific upfront? Absence of specifics could hand a conversion to one of your competitors.

On the next post we’ll explore Dull Element #3 and some examples of ‘un-dull’ copy.

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