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Wednesday, Sep. 1, 2004

7 Tips for Generating Leads Online

By The Grok
September 1st, 2004

Seven suggestions to help your Web site convert more leads

Generating a lead may be the sole purpose of your site or a small piece of your marketing mix. Either way, it is always about answering a prospect’s unspoken questions and communicating the value of doing business with you.Folks do their research online precisely so they don’t have to interact with someone – think of your visitors as the most introverted people you ever knew. They come to you with curiosity, expecting you to understand what they need and to lead them along a comfortable path of enlightenment and delight. Every click represents an unspoken question they hope you will answer.

Can the design, architecture and content of your Web site convince visitors you’re valuable to them, so they give something of value to you in return by becoming leads? Here are seven suggestions to get you started.

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