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Wednesday, Sep. 1, 2004

What Does That Direct Navigation Statistic Mean?

By The Grok
September 1st, 2004

What does it mean that a large percent of users get to a Web site by direct navigation?

Here’s some food for thought.

You’re reading an article, and you come across this information nugget: A really big percentage of folks (60-some-odd-percent depending on the source) get to a Web site by direct navigation. That means they typed the Web address directly into their browser or they clicked on a favorite.

If you’re like most folks out there, still looking forward to your Web site’s glory days, this information probably has you in a panic. “A really big percent type the address in directly?” you quaver. “But that means they have to know about me first!”

Well … yeah. So what is that big percentage number in the article really telling you?

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