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Would You Let Bush or Kerry Design Your Site? Part 3

Posted By Persuasion Architects On September 15, 2004 @ 9:41 pm In Conversion Rates,Online Persuasion | 1 Comment

In the last post we surmised that the Bush site has a clear advantage over the Kerry site in the areas of A.I.D.A.S [1]. and likely a slight edge in the area of Usability [2].

In short, the Bush site has more relevant and better labeled content that is more likely to steer visitors towards our inferred conversion goals. One of the conversion goals is to allow media and political junkies to access news, and download media clips. Again the Bush site does a better job. The Bush site also has an eye for the future by providing links to voter registration info as well as a link to “Vote Early for Bush”, and even though we stated that the ultimate campaign conversion needed (ie: a vote) cannot actually happen on the web, we applaud the effort to ‘seal the deal’ on the site itself.

The other conversion goals is to allow visitors to donate to the campaign online. This is where the Kerry site outshines the Bush site.

Point of Action & Forms

Once a visitor decides to participate in a site’s conversion mechanism, that is not the end of the process. Many conversions are lost when sites fail to effectively help ‘sold’ visitors complete the transaction. This is typically a failure to transmit confidence in two areas critical to persuasion(there are 5 of them [3]), Privacy and Security.

It is not enough for a site to have a privacy policy, and/or insure a visitor a secure transaction. A site must inform and reassure the visitor of privacy policies, and third party security verification at the point of action [4]. Why not include links to this information at the point the visitor is entering personal and credit card information. I know, I know, it sounds insanely kindergarten, but most sites, even the big boys neglect this.

When you click the link to contribute on JohnKerry.com [5] the site does of fabulous job in two areas. They address security(notice the Verisign logo) at the point of action, and their form [6] looks short and sweet and easy to fill out. They also give you alternate ways to give via phone or snail mail. The only real criticism we have is the ‘submit contribution’ button. The button is ‘red’, a color can easily be associated with ‘stop’.

At Bush.com the contribution page [7] form feels lengthy and asks for more than the required data, a big no no. There is no reassurance about a secure transaction and no alternate means of making contributions.

We would encourage both sides to add a step in the process by giving contributors a chance to ‘confirm’ their contribution one last time before they submit.

Final Conclusion

So who would we trust to build our website, Bush or Kerry?

Probably neither.

But, if we were to trust a presidential candidate to build a website we’ll just hold out until 2008 when Bryan Eisenberg [8]runs for the highest office in the land.

Vote Eisenberg ’08!

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