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Tuesday, Sep. 21, 2004 at 6:10 pm

What Does A Senior Persuasion Architect Do Anyways?

By Persuasion Architects
September 21st, 2004

When out and about, while being introduced, or giving out my business card, the conversation typically rolls along like this…

“Senior Persuasion Architect? Hmmmm sounds like a fancy title, what exactly do you do?”

“I help Future Now clients do the work of improving and building more persuasive websites” I answer.

That is my short answer. As you might expect, some find this answer unsatisfying…go figure.

So the next time I sense the other party wanting a tad more detail and elaboration, I will likely just read them this case study of the Persuasion Architecture process from (It’s about the best description i’ve seen of the work we do around here day to day. )

Unless you know of a printer that can print this article on the back of my business cards.

Let me know.

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