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Wednesday, Sep. 29, 2004 at 9:01 pm

Online Persuasion Is All About WORDS

By Persuasion Architects
September 29th, 2004

When you surf the net, there is one thing that we can pretty much bank on you doing each and every time you log on.


Obviously, thats exactly why persuasive copy is so critical to your conversion.

As a faithful blog reader we wanted to give you a heads up about an opportunity to learn more about writing persuasively on the web.

Count yourself invited to the…

Persuasive Online Copywriting Seminar

When? – November 11th-12th
Where? – The Cool New Future Now digs in Brooklyn’s Red Hook district.
How Much? - That depends if you want to attend one day or two

We only have a few seats avail, so before we blabbed to our entire Grok newsletter list we wanted you to get first crack at ‘em.

In the meantime, here’s a little bit of persuasive writing advice to hold you over until November.

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  1. I find it entertaining when a number of my family members critisize me for reading so many blogs and articles on the internet, but not enough books. I personally find that finding the information on the internet and reading someone’s opinion on the matter is far more interesting. Thanks for hosting such interesting discussions and providing your readers with an opportunity to attend seminars such as these.

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