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Friday, Oct. 1, 2004

Does Your Online Writing Have What It Takes?

By The Grok
October 1st, 2004

To get the most from your online writing, make sure it’s relevant, persuasive and laid out effectively

Reading is the primary activity folks engage in on the internet. Some may click, some may register, some may purchase, some may send an inquiry, far too many will take a hike. But everyone who lands on your Web site has to read it (or have it read to them).

Speaking post-modernly, I have to admit that folks “read” in lots of ways. They “read” images, colors, style, look/feel … you get the idea. But in a very practical way – in one of the easiest ways you can manage – people read words. Those words must be relevant, persuasive and laid out so folks can find them. And they must be suited to the medium – I swear to you, Toto, this place isn’t Kansas!

I’m warning you up front. This is my most blatantly self-serving, promotional article to date. But I’m betting even a seriously jaded, cynical, grumpy reader will find something of value within.

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