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Friday, Oct. 1, 2004 at 12:15 pm

Two Types of Hyperlinks

By Persuasion Architects
October 1st, 2004

If everyone had the same needs, same motivations, and were in the exact same stage of the buying process persuading them on the net would be as easy as whipping up a persuasive linear Powerpoint presentation, but that would be sad under-utilization of the internet’s greatest talent, interactivity.

Hyperlinks allow visitors to interact with your site on their own terms.

But how does one manage the persuasive process, how can you make your persuasive case to visitors if they are flailing around your site smackin’ links all willy nilly like? How do you manage the paths on your site and maximize them for conversion?

The solution: Proper use of the two type of hyperlinks.

Call To Action Links & Resolving Door Links

Bryan Eisenberg lays it all out in todays ClickZ Article…

The Resolving Door

You have goals for your business.

You want customers to come to your site and complete the action you want them to take. You want them to buy, register, or become a lead. You want visitors to engage with your Web site, your marketing, your brand and proceed down the path of your sales process.

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