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Monday, Oct. 11, 2004 at 12:56 pm

What Women Want … Online

By Persuasion Architects
October 11th, 2004

Gentlemen, it’s has finally happened.

Through the modern miracle of the consumer survey, a research firm has actually revealed, what women want.

This is of course, an earth shattering breakthrough for the male race, considering that most of us have been trying to answer this question since ..well.. Adam and Eve?

Ohh wait never mind, no such luck.. this research is confined to what women want online. Now that’s something a tad different.

What do women want online? Easier, more personalized shopping

Women want their online shopping experiences to make their lives easier. That’s the outcome of research based on a series of interviews with women two at a time that consultants Resource Interactive conducted for the Summit this week in Anaheim, CA, and that resource Interactive president Kelly Mooney presented Wednesday.

The 10 things women want online, Mooney reported, are:

Read the story.

In the Persuasion Architecture process, each of these “10 things” women want occur as a natural bi-product of our persona-based design approach. In fact, Persuasion Architecture actually, in some cases, goes further and accounts not just for ‘women’ in general, but for women with different preference types and motivations.

What I found most fascinating about this research was the methodology used. I’m curious what some of the marketing to women experts like Michelle Miller and Yvonne DiVita have to say about this approach. My suspicion is that it is a refreshing step in the right direction but might not represent the gamut of preferences that the fairer sex has when shoppin’ online. I wonder if this methodology may skew the results to reflect a more “Expressive/Humanistic” preference type.

Regardless, we can say with firm resound that any retailer would be smart to implement these.

Psst…..I’ll even venture to say that there are many men that would appreciate some of these elements in a website.

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Comments (5)

  1. Yvonne DiVita has already posted on this “old” news, which she revealed in her book, Dickless Marketing, several months ago. What Do Women Want…and who should know besides the women themselves?… they want websites that understand them; they want to click the back button and not lose everything in their shopping cart; they want to buy tools, homes, cars, financial advice, business advice, and electronics…online, without the hassle of defending their gender. They want RESPECT…ah, where have we heard that before? There is one fundatmental truth in that report and in everything I write about in my blog and on my website: women want you to make their life easier because they are desperately trying to fit 30 hours of work and play into a 24 hour day. Oh, but I could go on and on! Thank you, Anthony for posting this note and linking to me…you are a very Smart Man Online. Have I interviewed you yet???

  2. Yvonne,

    Thanks for your comments. What I thought was the most fascinating thing about this study, was not the conclusions of the study(that is old news) but rather the method they employed in collecting the data.

    Here is some more info from another IR article.

    “For the conference, Resource Interactive devised a research project that paired two women with close ties to take part in interviews. They could be related, such as grandmother-granddaughter, aunt-niece, etc., or two women with close emotional ties, such as two long-time friends.

    That approach worked better than traditional one-on-one interviews or larger focus groups, Mooney says, because the women tended to help each other recall incidents and, in Mooney’s words, “kept each other honest.” Mooney dubbed the approach “Shop and Tell.” Resource Interactive interviewed 40 such pairs for the project. ”

    Do you have any thoughts about the methodology?

  3. Hi Anthony, very interesting methodology. I think it’s genius at work, since most women seldom shop alone. One thing no one mentions, that I harp on over and over, especially in Dickless Marketing, is the fact that WOMEN BUY FOR OTHER PEOPLE MORE OFTEN THAN THEY BUY FOR THEMSELVES. I didn’t need a study to tell me that. It’s a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) when I mention it…duh! Women, especially, get this Aha! look in their eyes…because they do it so often and so mindlessly, it’s become habit. Isn’t that a powerful bit of news? Since Jane is so busy buying for Dick and Sally and everyone else in her circle of family and friends, doesn’t it make sense to market everything to her??? I’d like to see a serious study (in my book I did an unscientific study — I interviewed a hundred women via email) on what kinds of things women buy, when, and why. Betcha dimes to dollars, they will tell you 75% of everything they buy — or suggest someone else buy — is for a good friend or a loved one, NOT for themselves. So, what’s not to like about that? did a good job with their study, “shop and tell” is an excellent approach, only…once again…who’s taking advantage of the blinding flash of the obvious as I’ve stated it here? So far, I haven’t seen anyone else writing about it. How about you? Do the women in your life shop more for themselves, or for family and friends?

  4. I actually do not like shopping on line. I will certainly touch and having a try before I buy products especially dress and bags. but definitely shopping online is really kinda convenient.

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