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Friday, Oct. 15, 2004

One of Yours?

By The Grok
October 15th, 2004

Think “personas” – grapple with the mindset and needs of your visitors to design a conversion process that satisfies everyone

A news clip just informed me: a phenomenal 80 percent of all purchasing decisions are made or influenced by women! I can’t actually verify that statistic for you (the talking head certainly sounded credible enough), but I can tell you that women - in one way, shape or form - are behind the majority of actions folks take on your Web site.

The question is, are you helping these economically powerful people accomplish their tasks on your Web site? Do you really know what they need? How would you even start?

Your Web site’s persuasion architecture must begin with an understanding of your audience, not in the aggregate, but in the specific. So, meet Danielle. A specific if there ever was one!

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  1. Hi,I really like your topic.Topics I’ve shared your facebook.Thank you very much again.

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