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Monday, Nov. 1, 2004

Considered Choices

By The Grok
November 1st, 2004

Your business imperative should always shape the design, development and evolution of your Web site

I’d happily pass out rules right and left on a silver platter. If only I could. But in our business, we live and breath the fine line between “best practices” and “principles.” If we didn’t, we couldn’t help you be effective in your online efforts.

Sometimes practice and principle are a comfortable fit. Sometimes they aren’t. What should you be doing on your Web site? You know I’m going to say, “That depends on the function and purpose of your site.”

So, cozy up folks; it’s time for a ponder. This particular ponder is brought to you courtesy of Linda Caroll. I’ll confess right now … I have a bone to pick with Ms Caroll. But by picking that bone, I hope to shed light on the nature of the choices every single one of us has to make when it comes to the design and development of our Web sites.

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