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Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2004 at 11:23 am

A Few Things You Might Have Missed

By Persuasion Architects
November 24th, 2004

Just a hi-light of a few articles you may have missed over the last week or so.

First, Bryan Eisenberg’s most recent ClickZ article debunks one of the internets biggest myths… Price Is Not King.  Sometimes trying to win the price game will get you nothing but a bunch of parasitical customers who latch on and feed on your profits.  Bryan shows the alternative to offering the lowest price on your site by increasing your site’s personal experience factor.

Our bud and web analytics guru Eric Peterson recently released some data indicating that companies that have at least one full time staffer analyzing site metrics got a greater value and better conversion rates out of their web analytics.  It just makes sense, when someone is around to analyze , parse, and recognize patterns in the metrics each and every day you will likely end up with more actionable changes to implement.  Once those changes are implemented, your staffer can them monitor the difference and tweak further and further,  After all you web site should be dynamic, always being optimized for conversion.

Finally, our most recent GrokDotCom article is rich with insight about some basic persuasion principles and some very pratical advice about HTML/CSS coding.

Now go and have a wonderful Turkey Day ok?

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