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Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2004

When You Create Personas, Stay Clear of Stereotypes

By The Grok
December 1st, 2004

Don’t get caught in the “stereotype trap” when you create personas for your Web site’s persuasive architecture

You sell aromatherapy products. Are all your visitors nature-loving women who are vegetarians, do yoga, mediate, promote world peace and wear Birkenstocks?

You sell football packages for a satellite service. Are all your visitors blue collar, couch-potato-type, middle-aged guys who drink beer, eat potato chips, have medium to minimal IQ and brag about the size of their TVs?

Careful … you may be falling into the stereotype trap. It’s not hard to do; stereotypes are embedded in our culture. And in some ways, they have their value. But when you do business online, you don’t undertake transactions with stereotypes any more than you undertake transactions with a single generic composite of your audience.

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