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Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2005

Let Them Eat Cake

By The Grok
March 15th, 2005

Design your checkout process to Get The Cash today, tomorrow or even next week!

Question: When is your shopping cart not just a shopping cart? Answer: When your visitors use it as a comparative tool.If you’ve got the hang of personas and why they are critical to designing the persuasion architecture of your web site, then you have an understanding of the underlying premise: there is no average visitor. Everyone approaches the decision to buy in different ways. The customer-focused web site (you are one, right?) designs navigation paths that acknowledge this and consequently sees fabulously impressive conversion rates.

So, if everyone interacts with your web site differently, what makes you think they’ll suddenly fall into uniform step with your checkout process? Turns out, they don’t. Ergo, you need a checkout process that satisfies multiple needs while remaining true to your GTC (Get the Cash) objectives. You need a conversion-sensitive tool that gets your visitors to the close today, tomorrow … even days from now. And you need to understand that abandonment doesn’t always mean rejection.

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Comments (4)

  1. what conversion-sensitive tool would be ??

  2. Superb blog, numerous fascinating information. I remember 7 of days ago, I have visited a similar blog.

  3. It’s very common for shoppers to happily browse an online store and add products to their cart, then abandon their purchase when they reach the checkout page.
    Often, between 50% and 75% of shoppers give up during the checkout process

  4. I miss comments by the grok. They were so short and to the point compared to all the guest marketers. Now they are few and far between.

    Its funny because randomly I will be searching for something marketing related in google and the grok’s posts will come up and remind me of the golden days of internet marketing when I was too stupid to get involved!

    @dollar finder I can totally vouch for the 50% shopping cart number I have seen it.

    On top of that there is also around 10-20% of customers who will cancel an order in their cart after they have ordered it if it does not ship immediately.

    The time between the order and shipment is also crucial for shopping cart purposes!

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