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Friday, Apr. 8, 2005 at 9:26 pm

Judge Sentences Spammer to Nine Years

By Jeffrey Eisenberg
April 8th, 2005

AlcatrazcellYou can read the article for yourself. I’m not sure if 9 years is a just sentence. However, I wonder if it will deter spammers. I bet he won’t be sending spam from prison.

I’m not pro-death penalty but a friend had an interesting angle on it. While discussing a criminal on death row he asserted that the death penalty would deter crime. When he was challenged to present evidence for that statement he responded cofidently that death would certainly deter that criminal. It stopped the discussion.

Do you ever wonder why people hate spam more than junk mail?

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Comments (3)

  1. I’ll comment on why I hate spam more than junk mail. It’s because I pay for the usage of the internet. In “junk” mail, the sender pays for it, not me. It’s the same reason I hate junk faxes. They can send me whatever they want as long as it’s non-offensive and free to me. But when it comes to me paying for them to advertise to me, I don’t think so. I don’t want to pay to waste my time.

  2. Does anybody actually pay a fee based on every email they receive?

    Of course, part of the cost of managing spam is built in to the cost of your Internet service but it’s not really a direct cost. With junk mail it also raises the prices of what you buy as an indirect cost and, in NYC at least, you have to dispose of it by sorting through it all for recycling. I do more work and spend more time sorting my garbage than checking my spam filter.

    I’m not sure we’re being introspective enough about why this issue raises such passion.

  3. - Volume (I get literally hundreds of spam messages daily, compared to three or four pieces of junk mail.. unfortunately, my spam catcher isn’t perfect)

    - Interruptions (many people are notified when they recieve new email)

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