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Saturday, Apr. 9, 2005 at 9:36 pm

What Is Content? SEO and Conversion

By Persuasion Architects
April 9th, 2005

Spider So far, 2005 has been virtual blur of goings-on at Future Now.  In addition to keeping our clients happy, we have had many things that have been pining for our time and attention. Thus the light posting here.

Of the many things going on, I was tapped to speak at the NYC Search Engine Strategies Conference back in early March. I was a panelist on the "What Is Content?" session.

Frederick Marckini of Search Engine Watch, reporting on the panel, sums up the great need for what we discussed…

How did the subject of "content" find its way onto the agenda of a search engine marketing conference? Because often, higher rankings in search engines go to websites with higher quality content that earn more links.

One of the most obvious, yet surprisingly overlooked, components of a search strategy is the creation of quality content.

In our search engine marketing practice, the number of companies we encounter that expect high rankings in search engines for Web pages containing pictures, but no text, amazes us. Attaining a top ranking in search on a particular keyword requires that the targeted keyword appear somewhere in the text of the page, and often it requires that the page contain some amount of text (read: content) far in excess of what the design folks think looks pretty.

Make no mistake, this law of search engine marketing is clear: less content, lower rankings.

As a Persuasion Architect, our stance is clear.  Search engine spiders don’t have credit cards, so we never write content for search engines.  We write content for customers. As a result, sites designed with Persuasion Architecture rank in the top 10 among the major search engines for a majority of our targeted keywords.

I watched alot of folks at the conference getting all giddy about the possibility of being ranked well on Google as if that was the most important part of the conversion battle( that excitement is obviously not exclusive to conference attendees). Great search engine rankings will likely drive traffic to your site, but if your site can’t convert your traffic into sales, what is the point?

You can get a play by play of what was presented at the panel and read the forum discussion that ensued. Mr. Marckini also outlined what was presented.

During the conference I also had a chance to hang with some of the members of the newly formed Web Analytics Association. Way cool!

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