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Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2005 at 4:33 pm

Call To Action Book- How To Improve Your Conversion Rate

By Persuasion Architects
April 12th, 2005

1932226397Buy one book for $13.95 and get two books free plus free shipping: your net cost is only $4.65 per book.

When I read through Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg’s book for the first time I begged them to sell it for twice as much as they had it priced.

Obviously they didn’t listen.

They want this powerful informational mojo about increasing online results in as many hands as possible.

They are generous like that.

This hard cover book is a steal at the suggested retail price, but at only $4.65?

It’s offensively underpriced. You should take advantage. You should buy one and give(or sell at a profit) the other two copies to someone you know that has a website or works in an internet capacity. Offer ends May 1st, US only.

Don’t be surprised if you buy this book and feel the urge to send Bryan and Jeffrey more money. It’s impactful stuff, and I am not the only one saying that.

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Comments (4)

  1. Please note that the 3 for 1 offer has been dicontinued. I went there to buy 3, saw it was cancelled and was pissed so I didn’t even buy 1.

  2. This was a promotional offer to create some buzz around the book before the release. We were clear that quantities were limited. The promotion worked really well. It worked so well that we increased the quantities to 300% of the original quantity so as to not disappoint our readers. Unfortunately we disappointed Mike and perhaps others; we’re sincerely sorry.

  3. The books came in last night. And glad I have a couple of extras for friends. I plan on reading the book with a about 10 sites (some in travel and some I use a lot) open, to study and analize. You have packed the book full of detailed information. I can’t wait to apply it.


  4. Just spent the last couple of days reading “Call to Action”. It is packed with useful information and tips for on-line success. It’s not only a study in internet sales, but also human behavior. We’re making changes now at The Teapot Shoppe and I can’t wait to see the results.


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