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Friday, Apr. 15, 2005

Don’t Let Your Customers See Your Corporate Underpants

By The Grok
April 15th, 2005

Maintaining the look/feel accross your various online efforts promotes customer confidence and improves conversion

Are ours showing? We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for an offer we don’t want you to miss (I promise, my usual article follows – scroll down if you can’t wait for the corporate underpants discussion).Maybe we’re overcome by excitement … or maybe we need our heads examined. Whichever it is – and it’s probably both – we’ve put together a pre-release opportunity for you to acquire not one, not two, but three copies of our new book, Call to Action, for the price of one (we’ll even ship them to you at no charge if you are in the US).You should see the look on our accountant’s face!

We’re doing this to thank our loyal readers and followers. And, as Roy Williams explains in his recent Monday Morning Memo, we want to orchestrate some major buzz.

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