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Cause Seth Said So

Posted By Persuasion Architects On May 13, 2005 @ 1:54 am In Online Persuasion | 2 Comments

Seth_1 This week has been tremendous .  With the release of the our new book Call To Action, Jeffrey and Bryan have been plenty busy.

We’ve caught a couple of glowing reviews for the book, but interestingly enough, the one that did us the most good in terms of sales was the review by Seth Godin. It shows the power of transparency, and how just plain ol’ honesty can sell like crazy.

First take a look at some of the kick butt reviews on Amazon.com [1] . Glowing huh? Five Stars!!!! They almost sound too good to be true.

Now read Seth Godin’s review…

Despite the godawful cover, this book is an astonishing bargain. The book is straightforward and gives you direct, clear insight into what’s wrong with your site and what to do about it. No fancy metaphors or engaging banter. Just the nuts and bolts and the facts to back them up. See the rest. [2]

Seth hated our cover, but loved what was in between. Would you be surprised to know that when Seth posted this sales of our book spiked dramatically?

And the results from those glowing "this book is a gift to mankind" reviews, well, not so much.

Who around here thinks that if Seth hadn’t been so blatantly honest and wrote a five star review we still would have seen that spike?

Seems you can’t judge a reviewer by his hair either.

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