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Sunday, May. 15, 2005

Calls-to-Action, Points-of-Resolution and Resolving Doors

By The Grok
May 15th, 2005

Develop a hyperlinking strategy that lets their buying decision processes work seamlessly with your sales process

I could see you nodding your heads when I discussed the need to marry your sales process to your visitors’ buying decision processes. “Yep,” you murmured. “That sounds about right.” Then I heard a collective pause, some head scratching and this: “Uh, nice theory, Grok. But how do I put it into practice?”

You make this theory a reality in our business through hyperlinks. Hyperlinks that persuade action. Hyperlinks that answer the questions your visitors ask by providing relevant information. Hyperlinks that allow buying to co-exist happily with selling. Hyperlinks that establish and sustain persuasive momentum.

So let me introduce you to the hyperlinking strategy that is the backbone of a persuasive Web site.

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  1. Nice article but how about testing some of the old power words and using a curiosity pull? What about…

    “Discover more here…” OR “Find out how…”

    I’ve also read that using “…” helps with adwords, why not try that as it suggests unfinished business.

    I agree that “Continue to article” reflects the writers (internal) view of the web site. For most people they may not realise that they’re reading an article abstract, they’re just on a web site looking for a solution to their goal.

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