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Sunday, May. 15, 2005

Evict the Devils in Your Details

By The Grok
May 15th, 2005

Reinforce persuasive momentum by redefining the implications in your tactics

Creating a mean, green conversion system based on the principles of Persuasion Architecture requires looking at your project from every angle: the big picture that shapes how you approach your project to the nuts-and-bolts picture that influences your tactical choices.

In our just-released Call to Action, we organize the big picture into the key categories that make up persuasive design: planning, structure, momentum, communication and value. Within these categories, we expand on perspectives and tactics that will help you make a difference in your bottom line.

From the repository of tips that industry specialists gave us (you’ll find them woven throughout the book), I offer, for your reading delectation, these tactics from our own Dave Cadoff, a big-picture dude who wants to make sure you aren’t undermining your carefully crafted persuasive momentum.

Time to send the devils who reside in your details packing!

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