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Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2005

Relevance Rules!

By The Grok
June 15th, 2005

Make sure you’re delivering relevance – blissful, utterly reassuring, confidence-building, persuasive relevance – at every turn

I got everybody here one of those desk plaques extolling the critical value of communicating benefits rather than features. Now I’m planning one that goes something like this: Relevance Rules!

If you can’t deliver relevance to your visitors at every turn, how do you expect them to stay engaged with you? Irrelevance persuades no one.

And yet, irrelevance abounds in cyberspace. It’s one of the top reasons behind stunningly crummy conversion rates. Let me show you what I mean.

Let’s get a handle on this relevance thing by looking at the absurd end of the continuum. Imagine a live chat session between me and a customer service representative:

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