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Does Google Enjoy 100% Conversion?

Posted By Jeffrey Eisenberg On June 21, 2005 @ 1:57 pm In Conversion Rates | 3 Comments

Mark, a  friend of ours from down under posed the following question:

In thinking about sites with high conversion rates it occurred to me that Google must be a site with close to a 100% conversion rate.

It loads really fast, the call to action is clear, the invitation is in the hot zone of screen space, there’s no ambiguity about what the site is or what the user is suppossed to do next.

If the purpose of the site is to get people to search, then anyone who gets tot he home page and conducts a search is a successful conversion.

(Obviously I don’t know what Google’s actual stats are, but I would imagine the conversion rate is almost perfect.)

In fact Google really seem to be masters of the KISS (Keep it simple stupid) principle. (And that’s never easy.)

And I don’t think I’m being incredibly simplistic in singling out Google.

Google was not the first in the search engine space, but quickly became number one, and its soaring stock price is further proof of the success of its business.

To say: "Well obviously people go to Google to search." just proves my point as there are hundreds of search sites that people don’t go to, to the same degree.

Therefore I put it forward as a site with a 100% conversion rate.

Whaddya think?

I reponded:

Is the goal of the searcher to search or to find? If every search generated a click-through to what the searcher found relevant then I might agree with a 100% conversion rate.

I know that I have way oversimplified this but I’d love some feedback on the Google question and on whether you know of websites with 100% conversion.

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