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Wednesday, Jun. 22, 2005 at 8:23 pm

Sport a Personality with That Online Suit

By Bryan Eisenberg
June 22nd, 2005

Flickr_logo_betaCorporate professionalism has its place (frivolity rarely persuades an account exec), but downright pro forma business-speak rarely gets noticed, even by the Dark Suit Crowd. 

Flickr won my online photo management business almost exclusively through their copyrighting.  Stuff like this:

At the very bottom of their "about" page:  The fact that you’ve read to the end of this entire document and are
hanging out at the bottom of this page with nothing but this silly text
to keep you company is proof of a deep and abiding interest on your
part. What are you waiting for? [call to action appropriately placed here]

On their "create an account" page:  Our hatred for spam is difficult to articulate.

On their "press" page:  You suspected all along that our "Aw shucks" Canadian modesty was a big charade, and by George you were right!

From their company blog announcing acquisition by Yahoo!: Woohoo! What does this mean? It means that we’ll no longer have to draw straws to see who gets paid, schedule conjugal visits between trips to the colo….wait! That’s not what you want to know. This is what you want to know …

And Flickr cultivates our relationship through personality-rich communications like this one:

The Flickr team has up and moved this week to Californ-i-a and has been singing Beach Boys songs non-stop since arrival. And you’re moving too! … every pixel, bit and byte … Thank you, Flickreebies, for making Flickr such a wonderful place to share, connect, and befriend. We love you! (In an entirely non-creepyway.) – The Flickroobies

Remember, online you’re talking to your audience one person at a time. Of course Flickr’s personality won’t work for everyone.  The point isn’t that you need Flickr’s personality. But a personality – something to distinguish you from the crowd – would be an idea.

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Comments (5)

  1. Flickr certainly are the following: -

    1) Generous

    2) Witty

    3) Owners of a great product (and future products)

    4) Caring about the people (their user base) who fuel their deserved success.

    User base is such a naff term – can anyone improve on it?

  2. Your comments mechanism seemed to fail to accept comment, but then, there my comment is. Perhaps it’s a customer service issue you need to check on! ;)

  3. Absolutely floored by Flickr as well as your cool factor in highlighting something out there ………

  4. Absolutely floored by Flickr as well as your cool factor in highlighting something out there ………

  5. Anybody hear about Flickr now?
    It is usefool?

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