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Friday, Jul. 1, 2005

Fix the Holes!

By The Grok
July 1st, 2005

Now-immortalized words on how to prioritize your marketing efforts

Once upon a time there was First Marketing Dude, and he told First Business Owner Dude, “You know, you get 2 sales out of every 100 people who walk in here, so why don’t we bring in 1000?” Since then, billions of dollars have been wasted on advertising and marketing models that miss the mark. In our more charitable moments, we’d like to drop-kick First Marketing Dude out of the stadium. Send more traffic when you can’t convert the traffic you already get?When our own Howie Kaplan, the Senior Conversion Analyst here who performs Conversion Assessments all day long, came across an article detailing search engine optimization and marketing firms’ complaints about their clients, he blew a gasket … then blogged his reaction.

Sent out some ripples. Got himself quoted. Made the point brilliantly!

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