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Tuesday, Jul. 12, 2005 at 4:01 pm

Call To Action – The Seminar

By Persuasion Architects
July 12th, 2005

Calltoactioncover1 We still have seats available. But not for long

September 8th & 9th Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, the guys who wrote Call To Action (the NYT, WSJ, and USA best-selling book), will be leading and instructing Call To Action – Secret Formualas to Improve Online Results Seminar!

This is the seminar for any man, woman, child, or sentient being that needs help souping up the performance of their website. You will learn how to persuade your visitors to:

  • Complete purchases, subscriptions and forms
  • Qualify themselves as leads
  • Recognize your brand and understand its value
  • Decide to visit you to buy face-to-face

Step by step, the Eisenbrothers will walk you through the five phases of web site development and optimization:

  • Planning: the most vital phase (and least understood)
  • Developing structure
  • Creating momentum
  • Providing relevant communication
  • Articulating value

This is the stuff we’ve been doing for our clients for years and years with enviable results.  Sound good?  Then get registered.

Pricing for the 2-day course is $2200 per person.

Bring a Friend, Co-Worker, Partner FOR FREE

We don’t want cost to be an issue for a select few that could benefit and desire take their site to the next level.  So we have decided to extend our companion offer.

Offer is simple, just send us a brief case study of how you have successfully implemented a strategy or tactic you learned from our book Call To Action. We will be selecting a few of our favorites and giving their companions a free seat at the seminar.  So get your case study to us quickly, this window of opportunity is likely to shut in mere days.

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