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Sunday, Jul. 17, 2005 at 9:54 pm

Beware of Large Numbers!!

By Howard Kaplan
July 17th, 2005

If you converted 1,000,000 visitors into subscribers to your paid online service in one year, surely you’d considered yourself an online success, right? 

But what if you had 7 million unique visitors, per day? 
What if your digital competition was non-existent? 
What if your brand was so strong, it drove 40 million visitors to your offline product, in just 3.5 months? 

Would 1 million subscriptions still feel the same? 

Major League Baseball thinks so, but I must respectfully disagree.

If you’re not ruthlessly focused on measuring and improving your site’s Conversion Rate, you still don’t get it.  Marketing on the ‘net is a pull medium.  Visitors are volunteers in the process.  Clicks are people. 

Each link on your site represents an active decision your visitors make.  Whether you find yourself converting an "industry average" 2-3%, or even an "excellent" 10-12%, you must still consider the problem from the other side- what is your site doing that is actively driving 88% of your visitors away?

Don’t be fooled by large numbers from your Analytics, especially if the largest numbers are still those of visitors being turned away from your site dissatisfied.

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  1. Howard Kaplan: Beware of Large Numbers!!

    I haven’t met Howard Kaplan in person yet, but I’m sure that it’ll happen soon. It is soooo cool to be working with some of the smartest people in the on-line world. I’m thrilled to be the first Wizard of

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