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The Long and Short of Persuasion

Posted By The Grok On September 1, 2005 @ 2:22 am In Articles,GrokDotCom Newsletter,Offline Persuasion,Online Persuasion,Persuasive Momentum,Volume 117 | No Comments

In the “long versus short” debate on copy length, go for “just right”

Enter the Bear family home. They are discussing optimal copy length.

Papa Bear thinks copy shouldn’t be “too long.” Mama Bear counters it shouldn’t be “too short.” Long, short, long, short. You’re head can whip back and forth faster than the balls fly at Wimbledon. But if you’re caught up in their debate, you’re actually missing the point. Fortunately, there’s Baby Bear, sensible cub that he’s always been, who says copy should always be “just right.”

To kindle the mood for our forthcoming Persuasive Online Copywriting Workshop [1], I’ve solicited a favor from Wizard of Ads partner Chuck McKay [2]. Chuck wrote the best article (posted it to his blog [3]) I’ve ever read addressing the subject of long versus short copy.

So here’s to Chuck, gracious man that he is, and our joint desire to make Baby Bears of you all!

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