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Wednesday, Sep. 14, 2005 at 3:07 am

Get that big client, Bag The Elephant

By Persuasion Architects
September 14th, 2005

NewbtecoverSteve Kaplan aka The Difference Maker, a great friend of Future Now, just released a book bound for the business best seller list.  It’s called … Bag The Elephant, How To Win And Keep Big Customers.

If you serve big clients or desire to sell to bigger clients, this book is a have-to read. It is stuffed with practical advice, and it will have you taking action and making a difference in no time. 

Steve has offered our blog readers a special time limited offer.

Get the book at a discount for $13.97, plus 3 bucks shipping. That is a savings of $6 bucks. Plus if you get the book right now, Steve is gonna give our readers a free subsciption to his paid newsletter, the Weekly Business Vitamin. People usually pay $99 bucks for this comprehensive newsletter that gives business owners and managers weekly and actionable advice.

Do yourself, your business a favor and take advantage. The freebie will go away soon.

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  1. Sunds great and I ordered straight away. You may want to check if that shipping offer incldes international and if not let your readers know. I was presented with numerous shipping options but none for $3.

  2. Sounds great. We might not all deserve to serve the bigger client, but everyone should take a shot at it.

    The book sounds good.


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