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Friday, Sep. 23, 2005 at 1:07 am

How To Get Noticed Online

By Persuasion Architects
September 23rd, 2005

Well if you were to follow the advice of some, you would think that the key to getting noticed online sits firmly in the hands of a skilled graphics designer.

From a media perspective; great strategy, contextually-relevant
placements and low CPMs are not enough. A great media strategy is only
half the battle. Understanding how different online creative units
directly affect the consumer, and how they react to the exposure, is
just as important. Read the entire article at iMedia

What is an online creative unit anyway?  Apparently an online creative unit consists of everything BUT the ad copy.  And if it does include the copy, then if we were to read this article, then you might conclude copy doesn’t matter.

The article alludes to 7 different principles, that if followed, will bring you online ad success.  Woooohooooooooo!

And if you believe that….well then I’ve got this suspension bridge thingy that holds moving cars and stuff that hangs over a river in Brooklyn that I am hiring a ‘creative’ graphic designer to help me sell.

Do me a favor, read the article, and as you read the principles and enjoy the STRONGER vs. WEAKER ad comparisons for each, just try to imagine these ads WITHOUT graphics ONLY the copy.

You will begin to see instantly why most of those ads are STRONGER, and with maybe one exception, it has very little to do with the eye candy principles touted.

Wanna get peoples attention online? 

Relevant words first, pretty picture second.

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Comments (2)

  1. Generally I agree. A usable website is a combination of a lot of things. I have sat in labs where special eye-tracking cameras are used to see what people look at on web pages. Generally people skim text. Web writers have to be aware of that. The best selling sites are excellent combinations of text, content, layout, and graphics.

  2. We have found that people look at pictures and scan text. Pictures grab their attention and can convey a lot more information that the equivalent text.

    The article points out relevant and successful ideas to grab the users attention. Ad copy is essential to closing the deal, but it hardly draws the eye.

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