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Saturday, Oct. 1, 2005

What Exactly is a Scenario?

By The Grok
October 1st, 2005

Toward a definition that meets the needs of marketing, analytics and customers

‘Scenario’ is making its way into more and more conversations these days. You’d like to wrap your mind around this concept, ’cause you have the sense it’s the essence of how you construct your online experience (and you’re right!). But depending on who you ask, you get a entirely different answer to the question, “What exactly is an online scenario?”So join me for another installment in my “What Exactly Is” series. Today we come to grips with persuasion scenarios.

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  1. [...] By giving non marketing experts a methodology for maximizing demand generation, Persuasion Architecture and Persuasive Scenarios is proven to solve this dilemna. [...]

  2. [...] to recognize that a website is not one size fits all; it should be many sizes fit all. Multiple scenarios, or pathways through a site, need to be planned ahead of time in order to suit different [...]

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