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Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005

A Persuasive Online Copywriter is Worth More

By The Grok
October 15th, 2005

How to justify the value of those who understand persuasive online copywriting

Last time I examined the qualities we value in a persuasive online copywriter. The way we look at it, copywriting for persuasion is about significantly more than using power words and devising catchy phrases. It’s also a lot more about speaking to your visitors’ buying process than it is pushing your sales process (that piece of the equation may be your raison d’être, but it must remain transparent to your visitors).

So, let’s say there’s this copywriter who understands and is skilled at writing for Persuasion Architecture. A client asks this copywriter to quote a price for a job. The copywriter tells the client $150 per web page. There’s a moment of silence before the client informs the copywriter she has another quote for $70 per web page.

How would the copywriter justify the higher price – and why would the client agree to pay it? Here’s how the copywriter should reply.

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