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Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2005 at 12:01 pm

More SPAM please!

By Howard Kaplan
October 25th, 2005

I must admit, this SHOCKS me.  With all the ongoing commentary regarding the fragmentation of media, and the need to create a whole new experience where the customer’s content is king (or atleast queen), I thought we were all on board for the new paradigm.  I thought the shift from push (direct) marketing to pull (visitors as volunteers) was clear as crystal. 

Apparently not, because some college kid just raised HALF A MILLION BUCKS in just under two months.  Selling what, you ask?  Sp*m.  You read that right-  HALF. A. MILLION. BUCKS.  Selling Sp*m.

I give him plenty of credit for ingenuity, and for obviously understanding the Wizard’s first rule.  If you’re intrigued by his plan, and have yet to see it in action, surf on over to the Million Dollar Homepage, (and if you’ve ever weeded through your Junk folder, you’re going to recognize quite a few of those logos)

If anyone needs me in the next few minutes, I’ll be signing up for free hosting, while playing Texas Hold’em, and earning a quick graduate degree in the background while I wait for some "free movies" to finish downloading. 

Unreal.  Honestly, when will we ever learn?

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  1. Oh no! and i copied him!

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