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More SPAM please!

Posted By Howard Kaplan On October 25, 2005 @ 12:01 pm In Branding and Advertising Rants,Conversion Rates | 1 Comment

I must admit, this SHOCKS me.  With all the ongoing commentary regarding the fragmentation of media [1], and the need to create a whole new experience [2] where the customer’s content is king (or atleast queen), I thought we were all on board for the new paradigm.  I thought the shift from push (direct) marketing to pull (visitors as volunteers) was clear as crystal. 

Apparently not, because some college kid just raised HALF A MILLION BUCKS in just under two months.  Selling what, you ask?  Sp*m.  You read that right-  HALF. A. MILLION. BUCKS.  Selling Sp*m.

I give him plenty of credit for ingenuity, and for obviously understanding the Wizard’s first rule [3].  If you’re intrigued by his plan, and have yet to see it in action, surf on over to the Million Dollar Homepage [4], (and if you’ve ever weeded through your Junk folder, you’re going to recognize quite a few of those logos)

If anyone needs me in the next few minutes, I’ll be signing up for free hosting, while playing Texas Hold’em, and earning a quick graduate degree in the background while I wait for some "free movies" to finish downloading. 

Unreal.  Honestly, when will we ever learn?

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