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Monday, Dec. 5, 2005 at 11:42 am

A Quick and Easy Way to Lose Holiday Revenue

By Josh Hay
December 5th, 2005


(what’s this?)

Moseying over to to get my brother a present, I find the Family Guy Season 3 DVD on sale. Anything animated will keep him amused, he is 20. I think they have good prices and I’ve seen postings about them before on deal websites. After 5 clicks I finally get the item into my cart and hold on to your seats because checkout here we go.

I literally have my credit card on my lap ready to type in the numbers when I see they want me to create an account. So I click “No, I am a new customer” because I just want to pay for the cartoons. When I hit the “checkout” button I figure I will be taken to my checkout page, but has other ideas. It decides that I want to create an account. I just want to get this done so I enter my email, my password twice and a password reminder. Crossing my fingers I click “create account”, even though it’s the last thing I wanted to do.

Suddenly my browser window shows me this:


When the page reloaded I received an error telling me “You must accept the terms and conditions”. What else do they want me to do to make this order? Following their directions I scrolled down the page to accept the conditions by clicking the “create account” button and the page simply reloaded. Suddenly I realize the next logical step in my buying process is to go to Amazon and easily get the DVD.

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Comments (5)

  1. So… what do you make of this vast difference in the way these two websites ( and react to their customers, specifically *why* this is the case?

    That one pays attention to what their customers want and do and the other does not is obvious enough. But why is that the case?

    It seems to me that if you answer that question, you’ll also answer the question of why Apple is rolling in dough whereas the music industry dropped the ball in online distribution and is being eviscerated for it, as well as a host of similar scenarios.

  2. The buy on internet is supposed to be more simplistic and less threatening than phone or personal purchasing. The more complex, the less purchases. Why? Because we want speed and there’s too much competition for us to wait . Is there any item that is being manufactured that only one compny has? I think not!

  3. enjoyed the blog. it will keep me from overspending this season as purchasing has become a hassle.

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  5. Yeah this is very true. You can easily lose it if you aren’t careful.

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