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Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2005 at 1:29 pm

It’s Not Always Fun and Games Shopping Online

By Josh Hay
December 6th, 2005


(what’s this?)

This year I need to find a good present for my nephew. Since I’m not a good enough uncle to buy him a car, it is time to shop for some toys. As a kid I always remembered going to KB Toy Stores and I find their website He is seventeen, but I figure there should be some good posters there.

The homepage’s left navigation categorizes gifts by age groups. This makes it easy to sort through all the kiddy toys. The next step has an arrow pointing down and lets me narrow down my choice by gender. After clicking “Boy”, it narrows down my search even further.

So I decide to click “Kid’s Room Décor” and the screenshot below is what I find. The lifestyle image immediately tells me that I am in the wrong place.


My results have found me a chair, a pet gate, and a parrot beanbag. Did I click the wrong link? My trail shows me I am on the 17 + Years > Boy > Kid’s Room Décor page. I was thrilled that KB Toys had such useful navigation chockfull of trigger words. Unfortunately, the search results that were provided were irrelevant. If I would have bought any of these items I would have been the worst uncle ever. With results like these, Toys R Us here I come.

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Comments (5)

  1. Hehe thats quite funny. =P

    I have just started to shop online since in other countries sometimes you can not find the items that you need… And the stores here are horrible, most of the things in the malls and such are useless… however it also helps sometimes when you are knowing what kind of do you want to buy and yes some places really need to improve their search algorithm. =\

  2. i like to know about the online shopping bit more because i want to puchase one for my son

  3. I’ve Visited the site and find the product really cheap i’ll add it on my list to shop for my nephews and nieces…for the holidays…

  4. This post is old but thanks for giving us idea on where to buy toys online. I think bought

  5. I Love the layout, especially the Games area, as this is often a neglected area of income streams.

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