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Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2005 at 10:55 am

Magnificent Gifts Are Challenging To Find

By Josh Hay
December 7th, 2005


(what’s this?)

Realizing that I might have to break the bank and get a special present for someone, I decide to go to I’ve got the cash saved up and I’m ready to explore the site.

With limited knowledge about their products, I go to the right navigation and select Tiffany Holiday Gifts. Moving down the flash navigation, I chose “Gifts for Her”. This is exactly what I am looking for and I’m excited that I can easily find what I want.  I get to a landing page with navigation at the bottom of the page that features 5 items. See screenshot below:


There are a total of 16 different pages to look through, each with 5 items on each page. The items that I see are a watch, a necklace, a pendant, another watch, and earrings. With no organization to these items, I’m completely overwhelmed and I have no idea how I am going to choose my gift. On my high speed connection it takes 9.17 seconds to load each page (if someone was on a 56k modem it would be a grueling 27 seconds a page). Do they expect me to spend my time sorting through all of these items? There is no way to narrow down my search. The only way to find out more about each item is clicking each one individually. I was excited about getting something from Tiffany & Co., but this site isn’t going to help me find what I need.

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  1. Oh they should make a friendly user site. Maybe their site has too many flash that’s why it’s harder for you to load the site.

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